Cookie Policy


If you are IT-savvy, you will have discover that the Internet uses certain web technologies to collect user data, and our website is no exception. This mechanism is employed by certain organizations to effectively run their websites and for many other reasons. Well, after going through this instructional guide, you will better grasp how it works.


Cookie from Inside

In a nutshell, a cookie file is a tiny text file that our website shares with your Internet-enabled devices, such as your computer, smartphone, laptop, tab, etc. These files are generally divided in two main categories:

1. Session-based, those that automatically delete themselves when you have closed your web browser.

2. Persistent, those, on the other hand, that remain on your Internet-enabled devices unless you delete them manually.


Why Does This Matter?

It matters to you, but not in an exaggerated way. These minuscule files are good for stats and carrying out critical, futuristic experiments. Essentially, they are used to prevent you from accessing a service repeatedly. On our part, we use the information gathered from them to improve your experience with our service, thus making it more secure and user-friendly.


Use in Ads

One of the main benefits of minuscule files is in advertising one’s products and services. No doubt, we also use them in this regard to stay competitive by determining what exactly you need from our website. In other words, Cookies give us your personal preferences information while you are navigating on our website. Other vital information we generate from them include research and buildup statistics. With all these stats, we will work on our end to ensure that we serve you better. That way, you have a reason to visit our website again. No doubt, they are critical to an effective website administration.


Are You Nervous Already?

Are you worried because you don’t wish to share such information with us? No problems. The good thing is that we will never impose it on anyone. No, we don’t work like that. More importantly, your browser is programmed in a way that it can limit the Cookie use for every site that you visit. All web browsers have their relevant management protocols, which determine how your devices interact with websites on the Internet.

If you are not sure whether your browser has it or not, you will have to refer to their documentation and user manual to set it up. To delete or restrict the use, you will have to go to the browser’s settings and then go to the Privacy section. From there, you can manage how your browser interacts with our website. You can take a step farther to disable the third party from accessing the files from Google Analytics as well. To this end, you just have to visit the website and follow the instructions.

To cut off all online ads, you just have to visit the Digital Advertising Alliance. Your iDevices are no exception as you can equally tweak it to disable all those ads you usually find annoying. However, you should note that when you disable them, it will change the way you experience certain websites. Unfortunately, the experience may not be good. It could get worse when your access certain restricted sites or you may not be able to access certain websites at all. When things go awry, you will have to continuously make login attempts before you will be allowed to log in.


How We Use Cookies?

Here are the ways we use them.

Authentication: These files allow you to sign in easily because they are able to remember your login parameters. With these files, we are able to see the details you usually supply before you access our website.

Security: In a similar vein, this type serves as your protection and helps us to keep malware and other harmful activities at bay. In other words, it helps Assignmentyoda to keep our security features on top of its game.

Preferences: With these files, we are able to customize your user experience, thus making your experience of our website more pleasurable. This essentially applies to your preferred language, forms, such as the order form you will fill out and that you will not need to fill out countless number times.

Marketing: These files help us to better understand how you and many other users navigate on our website. With that information, we will determine our target market and know how to share our promotional information with you. Apart from us, our partners may also use them to provide us with certain activities about our services. With respect to these partners, these informative files are also subject to them.

Analytical research: Lastly, they are essential for analytical purposes. In other words, we gather the crucial information to better understand how you interact with our website and take steps to improve your user experience by making it more convenient and better. With your activity logs, we will improve the products and services that we offer.


Contact Us

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