Plagiarism Free


Without mincing words, plagiarism is a big crime in the writing industry, which explains why we don’t condone it at Assignmentyoda. Our disciplined and professional writers always write academic tasks from scratch. In addition, we have a well-structured mechanism that allows us do detect copied work. Because we always appreciate the time and resources our clients devote to ensuring that they meet our engagement standards, we, in turn, ensure that our deliverables are not plagiarized and of high quality as well. Basically, we considered the cost of testing your papers before fixing their prices. However, you should feel free to request a report, which costs only $10. If you wish our team to send you this test, we will send it with your paper when it is ready.

You should note that there are some exceptions to this policy. For instance, it does not cover proofreading and editing orders. We guarantee our ability to provide plagiarism-free papers when our team works on your project from scratch, which is very normal with us. On the other hand, if you engage us to proofread or edit your work for you, we cannot guarantee that the paper was originally copied from elsewhere beforehand.

In addition, if a client declares that our deliverable has been copied and provides reliable proofs, the client reserves the right to request that the paper be revised. We will definitely ensure that the paper is reworked free of charge. We can either ask the original writer who worked on the project to reword the paper or hire someone else to do so. Either way, we rarely face such challenges. At Assignmentyoda, our goal is to keep you happy and satisfied in order to earn the loyalty of our customers. Well, this policy is one way we achieve that.